We want the Parents Collective to be a place for celebration, sharing, and finding joy and support as we navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood. To ensure that we remain committed to those ideals, we have developed a few guidelines that all members need to know and follow.

Posting Guidelines

You can post stories, articles, links, videos, documents, questions, comments, polls, dilemmas, ask for recommendations, in the following tabs:

Celebrations: Share stories celebrating creative parenting and creative children. Were you blown away by something profound your child casually said? In awe of something they built? a problem that you creatively solved? A funny anecdote that made your heart melt? This tab is all about sharing those wonderful moments!

Ask a Parent: You are not alone. Tap into this amazing braintrust of creative parents who might help you get out of a tricky dilemma, be a sounding board for your ideas, or just lend a listening ear to your problems.

ExpertSpeak: Share links, articles, videos, talks, events featuring expert authors who share their views on raising creative, conscious, and curious children. Take part in QnA forums, live talks and ask questions or share your comments

Events: This channel is all about events (offline and online) that relate to the purpose and theme of this group

Some values we wish to stand by:

We create a safe space for parents

When we make people feel psychologically safe, we empower them to freely express themselves. Authentic, creative, vulnerable sharing forms the foundation of strong communities. Let’s be respectful of each other, our backgrounds, cultures, languages, opinions and every other part of our being. Disagreement is natural but it’s important to be civil about it.

We exchange resources that are based in evidence and experience

We want to build this community to be a credible source of information. To ensure this, we will aim to share resources that are based on scientific evidence or lived experience. That means we all have the responsibility to check the validity of the sources and fact-check information if required. Pseudo-science, conspiracy theories, forwards that have no scientific backing, etc. are to be avoided.

We are not judgemental

Being a parent is the toughest job in the world! Every parent is trying to do what is best for their children based on their unique circumstances and the resources available to them. Let’s recognise that and be empathetic - parenthood is hard enough without other parents judging and shaming you for the choices you make for yourself and your children. You never know the full story of what a parent is going through, assume they are doing the best they can.

We are not here to sell or promote products/services

This community isn’t about selling and promoting products. Asking for recommendations on products or genuine recommendations of products is fine, but we will not allow any promotional language or advertising in this group.